Brand Feature: Bethany Kidd Photography


Bethany is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in the PNW. Her goal for this project was to take her brand from “all over the place,” to polished and consistent. Her new brand identity features classic fonts and a nature-inspired color palette to feel classic, warm, and natural, complete with hand-drawn backgrounds to add texture and life. After we completed her Intensive, we created three custom guide templates and customized her Showit website template to match her new brand identity.


Design Intensive (including logo suite, brand font selections, business card design, thank-you card design, custom patterns, and Instagram templates)

“You need to hire Emma ASAP! She takes the time to listen to what your vision is and excels in creating a design and branding elements that fit YOU! Emma is great with communication and I always felt prepared and prepped for all of our meetings. She does exactly what she says she is going to do, and you can trust her to deliver your branding dreams come true!!”

– Bethany Kidd

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