Intro to Each Type of Logo (and How to Use Them)

At some point or another, most new small business owners struggle with how and where to use their logos. Your logo is like your first impression, your handshake, your introduction to your potential dream clients – you want to feel confident you’re using it well!

If you’ve worked with a designer, then hopefully you’ve nailed the perfect, custom, strategic logo for you, and now you have a brand identity that communicates your heart to your client before they ever contact you.
(If not, reach out here! Who knows? Maybe I’m the perfect fit to help you get the custom, strategic, logo package you deserve.)

But now that you’ve got your branding package back, you might be sitting there with several logo variations and no clue how to use them. Allow me to help you figure out how and where to best utilize your primary logo, secondary logo, submarks, and all the other elements to get the most out of your gorgeous new branding.

Primary Logo

This is the main logo for your brand, and usually the most detailed version of your logo. Use it most often – your clients should be familiar with it and recognize it.
Use it on your website header, large signage, cover photos, and larger printed materials (i.e. welcome packets, pricing guides)

Secondary Logo

Sometimes called a “logo variation,” this is usually a simplified or re-arranged version of your primary logo. For example, if your primary logo is in a horizontal format, the secondary logo would be in a vertical, or “stacked,” format (and vice versa). This version should be used when space doesn’t allow for your primary logo.

Use it on social media, smaller printed materials, or anywhere you would otherwise have to shrink your primary logo (not cool!).


This is typically less detailed than your primary logo. The smaller shape of this version makes it easier to use in places where your primary logo wouldn’t work as well, and it makes a great watermark for photographers.

Use it on stickers, stamps, website footers, wax seals, social media profile photos, etc.

Other Branding Elements

In addition to logo variations, your brand’s visuals may include other elements. These can include icons, monograms, signatures, patterns, tagline designs, or any additional design elements that complement your overall branding. These pieces are a supplement to your branding and should always be used in places with your primary or secondary logo – never on their own.

Whether you are in the building stages of your business or you just up-leveled your branding game with a custom, strategic, branding package, utilizing all your branding elements well can GREATLY benefit your business. Used correctly and cohesively, all your logo variations and miscellaneous branding elements can work together to create a strong visual identity for your brand.

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If you don’t have your very own custom brand identity, reach out here, and we start building a brand that attracts your dream clients again and again.

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