Terminus 330

T330 is a stunning event space in the heart of Atlanta, GA, that helps people host one-of-a-kind events. They came to Homeward looking for a full brand overhaul. Their business was growing, and they needed a brand identity and website that would attract higher-end clients and better align with their style and goals.


Brand identity design
Custom web design


Stylish, Creative, Thoughtful, & Personable


The Strategy

We determined T330's ideal customers came from two primary groups: company representatives and brides/grooms. When it comes to where to host an event, one of their biggest deciding factors is the aesthetics of the space, so we needed a brand identity that captured that beautiful, one-of-a-kind feeling they're after.

We also examined several competing event spaces in the Atlanta area and found two common themes: busy illustration-based logos and traditional serif fonts. To stand out, we needed to go in the opposite direction.

Creative Direction

The logos, color palette, and fonts needed to stand out from local competitors, connect with higher-end clients, and align with T330's personality and style.

a clean monogram

Instead of a detailed icon or illustration, we would keep things cleaner by designing a simple and unique monogram out of "T330" to represent the brand.

A custom logotype

To avoid the common theme of illustration-based logos from their competitors, T330's primary logos would be typography based. The primary font needed to feel modern and professional, but it also needed some warmth to bring in that personable touch.  

 Customized the font by rounding sections of the R and the N. These minor adjustments add movement and make the logo stand out. It's unique – just like T330's venue and the events they create.

A classic sans serif font in all capital letters feels clean and sleek, with a semi-bold letter weight that’s easy to read from a distance on building signage. The corners of each letter are slightly rounded rather than sharp to feel more friendly and approachable.

The ends of the lines are rounded to keep with the more casual feel, while the corners are kept sharp to give it just the right amount of edge.

The thinner lines and rounded corners look hand-drawn, which gives the branding a casual and friendly feel. Adding the subtle serifs to the "T" and the "3s" give it a little more of a classic and sophisticated touch. All together, this icon has a bit of an Art Deco vibe, which aligns well with the historic venue.

The box breaks around the edge of the “T” and the “0” representing the “out-of-the-box” events T330 creates for their clients.

Custom Website

We wanted to create an immersive experience by using large and full-screen photos, and lots of scrolling galleries. This let the venue shine, and allowed the audience to imagine what their event could look like in the space. 

With Terminus 330's website, we needed to create an online space that got potential clients confident and excited about the venue before ever booking a consultation. It needed to give them a sense of the quality, exclusive, and personable experience they get when hosting their dream event at T330.