(Passion Project)

I asked my Instagram followers to help me design a brand identity for made-up business by choosing a few key characteristics. I set up 4 polls in Instagram Stories and asked them to choose the business type, brand personality, target audience, and a must-have color. This project is the result of their answers.

the business

Adventurous, Bold, Fun


The Cove


Creative Direction

Because the coffee shop needed to target 25-35 year-old business owners, I decided to make it a hybrid coffee house and co-working space to really draw in that remote working audience.

I envisioned The Cove being somewhere on the northern Pacific coast, so I utilized a wavy line to incorporate a coastal element.

To align with an adventurous and bold personality, I chose a bold sans serif font in all caps for the main word "Cove." I used outdoorsy, camp-inspired elements to bring that feeling of nature and adventure, and chose a deep, cool green for the primary color.