Wehland Films

Wehland Films is a wedding and corporate videography company based in Sykesville, Maryland, traveling worldwide to capture stories in a genuine and honest way.
Shawn (the owner of Wehland Films), knew his website didn't align with the quality of work he was producing. He came to Homeward to rebrand his business (formerly Swehland Productions), and create a brand that looked as good as his films, so he could attract more of the high-end clients he loved working with.


Brand Intensive
Web Intensive


Warm, Organic, Minimal, Nostalgic


Creative Direction

Shawn believes everyone has a story to share. To tell those stories, it all starts with listening. He connects with each and every one of his clients on a human level so he can tell their stories authentically. 

To convey those values, the logos, color palette, and fonts needed to feel professional, but also welcoming and approachable. 

nostalgic typography

We chose a minimal sans serif font as the base of the logo that felt modern and masculine. We softened it by rounding the corners and adding serifs to the "I," giving the logo a more casual and organic feel.

For the brand fonts, we chose a bold sans serif for headings, reminiscent of old film posters. We also incorporated a typewriter-style font as an accent, similar to what you'd see on a printed screenplay. Together, these fonts added a nostalgic touch to this minimal and modern brand identity.

A Family Legacy

Shawn learned the value of listening from his family. As he says, it's "The Wehland Way." 

At the top of his grandparents' house hung a big metal "W" to represent the family name. When his grandfather passed away, Shawn and his family retrieved and refinished that letter. We wanted to honor Shawn's grandfather and "The Wehland Way" by making the "W" a strong icon throughout the brand identity.

The Website

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The Wehland Films website was designed in one week during our Web Intensive process. We chose to start with TONIC's Sidecar template* as the base for the site because of its minimal copy and large imagery, a great fit for letting Shawn's work take center stage. 





"Beyond thrilled! Can't wait to show it off! I'm so blessed to have found Emma."