8 Ways to Use your Brand Elements as a Service-Based Business

If you own a service-based business, have you ever wondered how to use your brand elements?

Maybe you’ve thought, “I don’t really need a lot of logo files or branded graphics… where would I even use them all??”

I get it! There are SO many cool things you can do with your brand identity elements with you sell physical products that need great packaging.

But what can you possibly do with all those logo variations, patterns, illustrations, etc. if you DON’T need product packaging? What’s an online business or service provider supposed to do with more than just a logo?

The answer: so many things!

Don’t let the fact that you don’t have physical products keep you from having tons of fun with a full brand identity package. Keep scrolling to get some inspiration for some amazing ways you can use your brand elements as a service-based business.

1. Client Gift Packaging

If you send any kind of gift to clients, promote brand recognition by getting creative with the packaging! Use your logos, colors, patterns, and other brand elements to create custom boxes, packing tape, stickers, and tissue paper.

Example of how to use brand elements on client gift packaging
Example of how to use brand elements on client gift packaging

2. Stationery

Things like on-brand business cards, thank-you cards, notebooks, envelopes, etc. can be sent to clients or given to potential customers to promote your business. Get creative with your submarks, icons, and other brand elements to create fun backgrounds, wax seals, and more!

Example of how to use brand elements on thank-you card
Example of how to use brand elements on brand stationery

3. Client Guides

Things like pricing guides, welcome packets, etc. are great places to infuse your brand identity. Use your logo variations throughout, and utilize your brand fonts and colors consistently.

Example of how to use brand elements on client guides
Example of how to use brand elements on client guides

4. Uniforms and Apparel

If your business includes any in-person services or events, uniforms or apparel for you and/or your team are a great way to convey a strong brand image. Put your logo on t-shirts, name tags, jackets, hats, aprons – you name it!

Brand apparel example
Brand apparel example

5. Website

This is probably the most obvious way to use your brand elements! Incorporate your branding throughout your website. Use your primary logo in the header, place logo variations and illustrations in fun spots, use your brand fonts and colors consistently, use patterns as backgrounds. The possibilities are endless.

Example of brand elements on a custom website

6. Social Media

Infuse your brand personality and style throughout your social media pages! Use your brand icon or a smaller version of your logo as your profile image, create on-brand graphics using your brand fonts and colors, and use your brand elements to create custom Instagram highlight icons.

Example of a branded Instagram profile
Branded social media example

7. Email Signature

Promote brand recognition (and appear more professional) by creating an on-brand email signature. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. Use simple fonts, your brand colors, and a smaller version of your logo.

Email signature design

8. Merchandise

Create custom merch or gifts to promote your brand – and get creative! Use your logos and other brand elements to create tote bags, custom candle labels, stickers, t-shirts, pins – even cookies!

Promotional merchandise example
Promotional merchandise example

No more wondering how to use brand elements!

I hope these ideas got you brainstorming on some fun ways to use the graphic elements of your brand identity as a service provider!

And if you don’t have any brand elements to work with, one of my brand design packages may be the perfect solution. Click here to learn more about my branding services, or reach out to schedule a free, no-commitment discovery call!

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