How Knowing Your Brand Season Can Attract Your Ideal Clients

Have you ever thought about your brand’s season? If you’re like most new, or even seasoned (pun intended), business owners, the answer might be “no.” I know, it can sometimes feel like an unnecessary thing to think about, but it’s actually so important to understand!

So, let’s go over how to recognize different brand seasons, choose which brand season is right for your business, and understand how to implement your season in your branding.

How to Recognize Different Brand Seasons

Brand identities are typically characterized by season: spring, summer, fall, or winter. These seasons are based on color psychology – how colors affect human emotions, perceptions, and behavior. Each season will produce a specific feeling for the viewer and influence their impression of your business, which is why choosing the right season(s) is so important!

Here’s a basic breakdown of each season:


A spring brand will feel light, welcoming, fresh, feminine, clean, and soft. It will likely use a few pastel or muted colors and delicate fonts.


A summer brand feels fun, bright, happy, bold, quirky, and playful. You’ll probably find bright colors and bold, trendy fonts in a summer brand.


A fall brand feels warm, rich, natural, comforting, rustic, and relaxing. It’ll likely use lots of earth tones and cozy imagery.


A winter brand feels cool, minimal, luxe, chic, serious, and delicate. It might use monochromatic colors or stark contrasts like black and white, and it will likely use simple, modern fonts.

Choose Which Season Is Right for Your Brand

When thinking about your brand, which season aligns best with your brand? To figure that out, ask yourself questions like:

  • How do I want my audience to feel when they think of my brand?
  • What descriptive words appeal most to my target audience?

Try this exercise: Picture your dream client when she’s most inspired. Set the scene. Is she curled up in a cozy chair by the fire with a good book? (Fall) Or is she wandering a field of wildflowers in a pastel sundress? (Spring) Would she prefer to spend the day at the pool sipping on a fruity drink with her favorite song on blast? (Summer) Or is she exploring the streets of New York with a coffee in-hand, checking out the newest pieces from her favorite fashion designers? (Winter)

Don’t worry if your answers don’t match just one season – your brand can be a combination of a couple seasons! For example, my brand season for Homeward Creative Co.™ is a mix of spring and fall (soft, welcoming, subtle, natural, and fresh).


How to Implement Your Brand’s Season in Your Content

Now that you know which season fits your brand the best and speaks to your ideal client, it’s time to use it! Think about the types of images and color schemes that fit with that season. Is your ideal client a “summer” gal? Then she will probably be drawn to bright colors and bold fonts that scream “fun!”

Is your ideal client a “winter” woman? Then make sure your imagery and color palette feels cool and minimalist.

Knowing your brand season is an important and helpful step in defining your brand’s style. Not only can it save you from shouting into the abyss hoping you’ll click with the right people, but it will help you feel more confident in the brand identity you present to potential clients.

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