How to Know if You’re Ready for a Rebrand

I won’t lie to you — not everyone needs custom branding.

Shocking coming from a brand designer, right?? 😉

That being said, there are still plenty of business owners out there who DO need a custom brand identity (hence why I’m here :)) Are you one of them?

There are several reasons for needing to rebrand, but today I want to highlight four. If you’ve considered rebranding your business, but you’re not sure if you’re ready, here are a few reasons it might be time to start investing in a custom brand identity.

1. Your business is going through a major change

If you’re changing up your services/offerings, redefining your brand mission or values, transitioning to new leadership, or going through any major shift in your business, then a rebrand should probably be on your to-do list!

2. Your current branding no longer aligns with where your business is going

This one is similar to the first point, but the change doesn’t have to be something quite so major. Maybe you have big goals and dreams for your business, and you’re taking it places it’s never gone before — does your vision align with your current branding? If not, then maybe you should consider a rebrand.

3. Your target market has changed

Maybe you’re shifting gears and ready to serve a different audience (ex. you used to specialize in portraits and family photos, and now you want to specialize in adventurous couples and wedding photography). That new audience is going to have different desires and needs. The branding that worked for your former target market won’t work on them. Definitely think about rebranding if you want to attract your new dream clients!

4. Your business has outgrown its DIY branding

Your pre-made or DIY brand probably worked just fine when you were first starting out! But now that your business is growing, it’s feeling a little old and doesn’t quite match with the level you’re at now. If you feel like your business has outgrown your first logo, it may be time to invest in a custom brand identity!

Do any of these situations sound like something your business is going through? If so, send me a DM on Instagram or fill out a contact form! I’d love to help you find out if a rebrand is right for your business! (and if it isn’t, I promise I’ll tell you :))

Are you ready to dive deeper into your business and finally have the brand identity of your dreams?

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