Brand Feature: La Flor Amarilla

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing one of my very first branding projects that really helped launch Homeward Creative Co. into existence.
A little backstory: Last summer – back when I had just recently gotten the idea to start a branding business – my best friend from college invited me to join a book club where I reconnected with one of my old college classmates, Kristian. I found out later that Kristian had started an online business, and she wanted to update her logo. Long story short, I offered to redesign her logo, and the rest is history!
La Flor Amarilla is an Etsy shop and an online community for women, and Kristian makes her gorgeous Traveling Prayer Journals all by hand!
Keep reading to see the final product and get a peek inside how this dainty, feminine brand came together.


La Flor Amarilla means “the yellow flower” in Spanish, so of course we had to include pops of yellow in her branding. We went with this pretty mustard yellow and combined it with bright earthy tones (obsessed!!)

LINKS: Flower Logo | Wildflower Sketch | Black-Eyed Susans | Yellow Dress | Journaling


For her logo, we wanted something feminine and classy, but not too formal. The lowercase serif combined with the loose calligraphy font turned out to be a great combination. And I couldn’t not incorporate Kristian’s favorite flower, so I sketched these black-eyed susans for her logo. I also included the thin box around the flowers to represent her beautiful Traveling Prayer Journals.

I loved getting to work with Kristian to help grow her business and attract her dream customers!

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