Why a DIY Brand Might Not Be the Best Idea

Are you new to the online business or small business world? Or maybe you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while, and you’ve been eyeballing custom branding designers to level-up your game. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, I know you’re probably trying to save money where you can, and the idea of spending $2000+ on custom branding design can be a little overwhelming and have you googling “free logos” immediately.

However, while I am all for saving money whenever and however you can (year two in business here myself), there are many instances when DIY branding might not be the best idea. 

There’s an influx of new online businesses 

Right now, there are SO many people starting online businesses, wanting to have the flexibility and freedom to work from home or anywhere. Which is so cool!! But with that, there is also an influx of these startup businesses using DIY branding methods to create their own logos, choose their own color palette, and create their own inexpensive, or free, branding (which, btw – branding is so much more than just a logo and colors).

Many of these start-up businesses are using Etsy templates, Canva templates, or even just pairing fonts in Microsoft Word. That’s not always horrible, but the problem is, there are so many new businesses out there now, that they all start looking the same. Think about it. If you’re going to purchase a template that an unlimited number of small businesses have access to, how many of them are going to take the time to customize it? How many other people are using that exact same template? There could be 200 people with a nearly identical logo.

That’s why if you really do need to go the DIY route for a while, I highly suggest customizing your logo template with unique fonts and colors. Or better yet, use a template that only a limited number of people can purchase.

A brand identity is SO much more than a logo

Yes, a brand includes a logo, and your logo is a huge part of your brand identity. But a well-designed brand also includes several different variations of that – different types of logos, sizes and orientations. Not to mention the icons, illustrations, fonts, and colors that go into a brand identity. There is a LOT that goes into creating a visual brand identity, and it is hard for most people to piecemeal it together and truly do their business justice. 

It is really hard to design for yourself

Trust me, brand design is what I do for a living, and this is true for me too. It can be really hard to view your business from the outside. Having an outside perspective of your brand and business as a whole can be insanely valuable. Hiring a professional branding designer gives you a third party perspective of your brand with an unbiased view.

Let’s be honest, we’re biased when it comes to our own business. We might make decisions based on what we think is cute or trendy, or even our own personal style. But in reality, a professional brand designer will be able to look at things from your client’s perspective with longevity and brand psychology in mind. 

I know it can be tempting to save money like crazy as a new business owner (or even a not-so-new business owner). But before you settle for a branding package you hate in the name of frugality or DIY and clipart your way into the bargain bin, I want to encourage you to really sit and think about these 3 reasons a DIY brand might not be the best idea. 

As always, if you are ready to have a professional brand identity that feels like coming home, I would love to serve you. And if you’re truly just not ready yet, here are some cool tips to help you DIY a little better for a little longer. 

Are you ready to dive deeper into your business and finally have the brand identity of your dreams?

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