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Dear business owner, why are you really doing this? No seriously. If someone walked up to you at a coffee shop today and asked you why you started your business, what would you say? Some very honest answers that might come to mind: “To make extra money” “To quit my job and be my own […]

So you want to launch a new brand identity, but you want to do it fast. Maybe you’re on a tight schedule and needed to rebrand yesterday, or you just don’t have the capacity or energy to dedicate weeks to an in-depth design process. Hey, I’ve been there! Whatever your reason, it’s possible to launch […]

Are you new to the online business or small business world? Or maybe you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while, and you’ve been eyeballing custom branding designers to level-up your game. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, I know you’re probably trying to save money where you can, and the idea of spending $2000+ on custom […]

Have you ever thought about your brand’s season? If you’re like most new, or even seasoned (pun intended), business owners, the answer might be “no.” I know, it can sometimes feel like an unnecessary thing to think about, but it’s actually so important to understand! So, let’s go over how to recognize different brand seasons, […]

No matter the size of your business, strategic branding is critical to growth. The visuals you use when marketing your business can truly make or break your brand, and when creating those visuals, consistency is KEY! So whether you’re a solopreneur or million dollar business owner, check out these 5 ways consistent branding works to […]

I won’t lie to you — not everyone needs custom branding. Shocking coming from a brand designer, right?? 😉 That being said, there are still plenty of business owners out there who DO need a custom brand identity (hence why I’m here :)) Are you one of them? There are several reasons for needing to […]

Let’s say you’ve just branded (or rebranded) your business (yay!!!) You’ve finally got your shiny new logo files in hand, and you’re more than ready to start slapping them all over social media. BUT PAUSE FOR A SEC – even though you’re FINALLY confident in your color palette, fonts, and other visual elements, there’s a […]

(spoiler alert: it’s not a logo) If you are new-ish to the entrepreneur game or heck, even been around the block a time or two, you may have heard some confusing definitions of branding. The idea of branding can sometimes be a vague concept in the marketing world. When most people think of branding, they […]