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Bethany is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in the PNW. Her goal for this project was to take her brand from “all over the place,” to polished and consistent.

Bethany is an equestrian photographer and content marketing expert who serves equine businesses and horse owners all over the country. Her goal for the project was to create two separate – yet connected – brands to represent both sides of her business, all under the “Bethany P” umbrella.

Jennifer is an equestrian and family photographer based in Hallowell, Maine. Her goal was to have a consistent brand identity that represented her style and was reminiscent of the country and the coast. During her Design Intensive, we created a logo suite that felt soft, welcoming, and coastal.

Dani is a wedding photographer based near Lake Tahoe. We wanted her new brand identity fo feel bold, fun, adventurous, and organic. By pairing an organic lowercase font with a simple script, and designing a custom illustration to represent the mountains of Lake Tahoe, the result is a logo suite that reflects Dani’s personality and resonates with her adventurous clients.

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Raquel is a wedding and couples photographer based near Lake Tahoe with a passion for capturing people in love. She was looking for a new logo that felt like “home” and a brand identity that incorporated a desert feel. We wanted her brand to reflect joy, friendliness, warmth, and creativity. Featuring a customized […]

I needed some cool tones in my life, so I decided to use them in a passion project!The primary logo for this brand is actually a rejected concept from a client project, and I loved it so much that I couldn’t let it go to waste! I was really feeling this dark, cool green, and […]

Have you ever thought about your brand’s season? If you’re like most new, or even seasoned (pun intended), business owners, the answer might be “no.” I know, it can sometimes feel like an unnecessary thing to think about, but it’s actually so important to understand! So, let’s go over how to recognize different brand seasons, […]

No matter the size of your business, strategic branding is critical to growth. The visuals you use when marketing your business can truly make or break your brand, and when creating those visuals, consistency is KEY! So whether you’re a solopreneur or million dollar business owner, check out these 5 ways consistent branding works to […]

I won’t lie to you — not everyone needs custom branding. Shocking coming from a brand designer, right?? 😉 That being said, there are still plenty of business owners out there who DO need a custom brand identity (hence why I’m here :)) Are you one of them? There are several reasons for needing to […]

Let’s say you’ve just branded (or rebranded) your business (yay!!!) You’ve finally got your shiny new logo files in hand, and you’re more than ready to start slapping them all over social media. BUT PAUSE FOR A SEC – even though you’re FINALLY confident in your color palette, fonts, and other visual elements, there’s a […]